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UC Davis Health receives ‘Top 25’ national sustainability award for 3rd consecutive year

For the third consecutive year, national environmental leader Practice Greenhealth has named UC Davis Health one of the top 25 hospitals in the country for sustainability. This is the highest honor for hospitals and is based on a rigorous scoring system measuring leadership in sustainability, including greening the operating room, sustainable procurement, green building, energy, water, climate, chemicals, waste, food and transportation.

Pilot Program for Lab Coat and Goggle Reuse Launched

UC Davis Sustainability is launching an innovative pilot program aimed at reducing waste and promoting sustainability through the reuse of lab coats and goggles. From June 3rd to June 14th, students are encouraged to participate in a campuswide collection initiative.

Getting Re-used to it

UC Davis is embarking on a transformative journey to phase out the purchase and use of single-use plastics from our food service establishments and replace them with reusable or locally compostable alternatives.

The Green Initiative Fund renewed in student elections

It’s official! The Green Initiative Fund, or TGIF, will continue funding undergraduate-centered sustainability projects through the 2030-31 academic year after a successful referendum, voted on by students.

Sheep Shift Climate Poetry

What words come to mind when you think about climate change? Urgency? Innovation? Carbon-free? Now, imagine those very words adorning the fluffy coats of sheep, transforming them into living symbols of our sustainability goals. Only at UC Davis could such a whimsical, yet meaningful event take place.

Seeing green? UC Davis Health re-engineers recycling to reduce landfill waste

Throughout the main UC Davis Health campus, bright green signs now appear in break rooms, nursing stations, offices, clean utility rooms, and just about everywhere else. Look closer and you’ll see that these pops of color are part of a new recycling program that ensures re-usable materials reach one destination: the recycling plant.

Sustainability team hosts multiple Earth Month activities

Each year, UC Davis Health celebrates Earth Month with different events and programs throughout the month, and this year is no different. The sustainability team welcomes you to join them at a variety of fun programs, including Earth Month Bingo, another Sustainability Walking Tour, and an exciting Earth Month Celebration.

Job Opening: UC Davis Director of Sustainability

Provide leadership for the nation's most sustainable university! Apply to be the Director of Sustainability for UC Davis, where you can be part of a dynamic, collaborative team committed to expanding sustainability beyond climate change and resiliency into equity and environmental justice.

UC Davis Health takes the CA Clean Air Day pledge

Easy actions, small investments, or plan ahead for major clean air commitments – which one will you choose for California Clean Air Day? UC Davis Health has taken the pledge and is encouraging you to do so too!