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Aggie Green Pledge

Aggie Green Pledge is a program designed to encourage students, faculty and staff on the Davis campus to take sustainable actions.  

 How It Works  

  1. Visit the Aggie Green Pledge table at the on-campus Farmers Market (on the West Quad) or at the New Employee Orientation event. 
  2. Pledge to take action in one of the five categories below. Note: You can only make one pledge per tabling event.  
  3. Each time you pledge in person, you get a corresponding pinback button for that category.  
  4. After you make pledges in three categories you get a medium prize (e.g. Sustainability mason jar mug).  
  5. After you pledge in all five categories you get a big prize (e.g. Sustainability reusable bag).  

Categories and Pledges

  •  Food

    • Eat meatless one day a week and minimize meat consumption on other days.  
    • Purchase Fair Trade, shade-grown, organic coffee when available, and if not available, ask the coffee shop or grocery store to source it.  
    • Order food carefully when planning events to avoid having uneaten leftovers that may be wasted.  
  • Water

    • Turn off the faucet or shower when not using the water, such as when brushing teeth, washing dishes, or lathering up.  
    • Report campus water leaks and broken water fixtures or sprinklers to Facilities Services (530-752-1655). 
    • In labs, adopt a fill-and-dump rinsing method for labware instead of using running water. 
  • Waste

  • Energy

    • Turn off the lights when leaving a room and turn off the computer and other electronic equipment when leaving for the day.  
    • Use daylight or a task lamp with an LED bulb and turn off overhead lighting whenever possible.   
    • Avoid individual space heaters in the office and report building temperatures that are too hot or too cold to the Thermoostat to help reduce energy waste on campus. 
  • Commute